Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get out the Tea Party Vote!

It's 3 weeks until the midterm elections everyone. Some polls are calling for the GOP to take the House; others are calling for the GOP to take the House and Senate. Either way, the influence of the Tea Party is undeniable. This grassroots movement, a genuine grassroots movement not to be confused with Soros funded AstroTurfing, is a groundswell of frustrated republicans and democrats.
What I've noticed is that most of the Democratic ads focus less on what the candidate has actually accomplished - because, in most cases it's very little or it's things their constituents didn't want - and more on thinly veiled class warfare Alinskyite attacks on their conservative opponents. Don't fall for it- this is a mentality not seen in polite society since the playground during 2nd grade.
One last point I wanted to bring up: this is the first election in which the terms "conservative" and "republican" are no longer interchangeable. Many true conservatives, now known as "the tea party," have felt betraye by the RINOs in the party. These RINOs are big government, big spending, entitlement-monger open borders loving politicians. I know that I, for one, feels a little let down by a government who is so much more preoccupied appeasing minority and special interest lobbies to scrape together a few votes by backstabbing the other 70% of us in the back. The founding fathers understood that a government needs to cater to the majority instead of the individual. In the words of Spock, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." but this is a topic I shall elaborate on for my next post. Thank you for reading and God Bless America.